Project Consultancy

Yorkshire Project Consulting
Yorkshire Project Consultancy

At Yorkshire, we provide project management and consultancy services to our partners both locally in the US and internationally.

Whether its contract-based projects to be implemented or in-house/outsourced project management collaborations, we assist our partners in every stage.

We offer wide range of project management & consultancy services

Project Planning

Even for seasoned and experienced teams, planning a project can be extremely difficult. This project stage is critical to project success and requires careful input of resources and project management plans.

Our project planning service enables our partner's fast-tracking of the project planning stage and guides project management teams in preparing a complete project management plan.

Project Management

We provide project and Program Management services nationally and internationally. At Yorkshire, we assist our partners in finding opportunities in domains like Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Business, Real Estate Management, and Construction.


Our experienced teams can assist with Program Management and Project Management needs in general, or in specific areas of projects.

Project Cost & Schedule Analysis

Our Project Cost and Schedule Analysis services manage projects on behalf of our partners, ensuring that it achieves cost and schedule obligations and successful completion. This service is custom-tailored to meet organizations or project needs on a global scale.


Whether its project costing, scheduling, analysis or corrective/preventative actions to bring project budget and schedule back to the baseline; Yorkshire's experienced project management team can help.

Project Recovery

At Yorkshire, we provide Project Recovery Services which provide solutions to recovering failing and rundown projects on our partners' behalf.


Our project managers determine what corrective actions are required to bring the project back in line with the original cost and schedule.


This is a dynamic service that varies from project to project depending on the precise requirements.


Yorkshire's Project Recovery services can assist our partners in the recovery of failed or doomed projects and direct the project back to the original baseline.

Project Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular as a means to manage various aspects of any complex project, without the costly resources associated with deploying in-house teams.

Our Project Management Outsourcing service supplies Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers to your organizations to project manage your projects.

We tailor our services to meet various demands and can deploy our experienced staff to ensure a hands-on approach.

Project Management & Location Analysis

Some large organizations benefit from the use of local or international Project Management Offices (PMO's). If the organization requires a Project Management Office to be set up, we at Yorkshire assist in the preparation of a complete PMO system, while providing Project Management Tools, advice and knowledge.

We also assist in providing reviews and recommendations as to whether a PMO would suit an organization without sacrificing efficiency and the increased cost.