Foreign Aid Assistance

At Yorkshire, we’ve been working with some of the top global organizations in managing foreign aid assistance in developing countries. From the water crisis, low-cost housing, infrastructure to environmental reforms, we’ve adopted a direct approach towards solving the issues, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible and took decades in the past. 

Our objective and role are not limited to consultation and advisory but implementation, monitoring, and audit of global projects backed by the U.S. foreign aid assistance also fall under our area of expertise.


The United States & Foreign Aid Assistance

The United States is responsible for providing foreign aid assistance of various kinds to at least 95% of the countries around the globe, however, a far smaller number of countries receive any substantial aid in terms of finances spent.

For U.S. taxpayers, the cost of foreign aid amounts to a staggering average of $38 billion-plus per year, or in other words, around $3.5 million/hour. Foreign aid is not the only kind of foreign assistance, but it might be the most known and controversial.

Foreign Aid & Corruption

There's a history of factors involving foreign aid initiative and the corruption around it. Since the inception of the International Development Association (IDA) in 1960, a large number of articles have emerged on the cumulative effects of corruption that undermines the effectiveness of foreign aid.

To improve the development impact of foreign aid, the international development community has taken a firm stance against these actions, and this is where Yorkshire plays its unparalleled role.

Entrepreneurship & Developing World

Yorkshire has a track record of harnessing the power of entrepreneurship in developing countries to lift themselves out of poverty and create employment in their local communities. As a global organization operating in 5 continents, we work with entrepreneurs in the developing world to build competitive businesses, infrastructure, and industries.

By connecting inspiring entrepreneurs to the latest information, trends, technology, capital, and global markets, we've helped thousands to create everlasting prosperity for their families and local communities.