At Yorkshire, ours is a vision of diversity and variety. In line with our vision, Yorkshire invests in a variety of different industries, providing aid to those in need of it across these industries and doing so on a global scale. Our investment efforts are majorly focused on the following industries


Freelancing and eCommerce seem to be the next big trend in the world of business. We look to invest in this potential goldmine while it is still in its early stages.

News Publishing

Getting the right information at the right time can be the only difference between success and failure. Providing that timely news coverage on a global scale is something we look to spearhead.


If there is one industry advancement must continue, it is the Healthcare industry. We partner and invest in promising businesses and companies in healthcare industries, helping them scale their businesses to their full potential.

Utility Vehicle Manufacturing

Yorkshire looks to invest in new and existing utility vehicle manufacturing companies around the world, providing them with all the support and help they need concerning startup and maintaining relevance in their respective industries.

Real Estate

Our involvement in the Real Estate industry revolves around investment and M&A. We seek to acquire high-quality real estate investments on a global scale, providing solid returns to our partners over time.

Law Firms

Yorkshire looks to invest in diverse law firms and institutes all over the world, seeking out promising institutes and agencies and investing in their growth and development over time.

Oil And Gas

Yorkshire looks to exploit the abundance of opportunities present in the Oil and Glass industry. We provide consultancy, investment, and M&A services to promising companies in the Oil and Gas industries all over the world.


We work in partnership with the global top brands. We are leaders in identifying global trends early in their life cycle, allowing our partners to attain maximum profitability for the duration of the market cycle.


We provide clients integrated set of procurement outsourcing options, custom tailored to meet their specific needs. From end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like integrated category management, global operations procurement and strategic sourcing, we provide you with the best solutions available.)

At Yorkshire, we look to invest in businesses, organizations, corporations, and governments, seeking opportunities to spearhead development and innovations in the above-mentioned industries. No matter how big or how small the game-changing idea. It’s our mission to bring it into actualization.