Committed to investing in promising businesses, brands, and institutes from a variety of industries all over the world, Yorkshire is a company aimed at diversified involvement. With partners from varying industries and parts of the world, we are a company invested in innovation and development.

What We Do

Utilizing detailed selection criteria, we identify optimum opportunities in industries around the world and invest in them, helping scale these ideas, businesses, and innovations to their full potential. Our investment efforts span across the industries, and we invest in everything from individually owned businesses to governmental agencies and institutes.

Our Major Industries Of Focus


If there is one industry advancement must continue, it is the Healthcare industry.


Freelancing and eCommerce seem to be the next big trend in the world of business.


We work in partnership with the global top brands. We’re leaders in identifying trends.

Real Estate

Our involvement in the Real Estate industry revolves around investment and M&A.

Global Procurement

We provide clients integrated set of procurement outsourcing options.

News Publishing

The right information at the right time, the difference between success or failure.

Legal (law firms)

Yorkshire looks to invest in diverse law firms and institutes all over the world.

Utility Vehicle Manufacturing

We invest in utility vehicle manufacturing companies.

We've partnered with..

Aerospace and Defense
Information Technology
Real Estate & Infrastructure
Communication and Media
Law Enforcement
Financial Services
Healthcare & Insurance
Sports Education
Bio-Tech. & Pharmaceuticals
Travel & Leisure
Utilities & Energy


We work with

Dedicated to meeting the needs of everything from the individual to corporations and governments, Yorkshire looks to connect the global markets by scaling ideas, inventions, and dreams, giving them the opportunity to grow into their full potential.

  • Medium Corporations
  • Large Corporations
  • Publically Traded Companies
  • Blue Chip Corporations
  • Government-Owned & Operated Organizations
Our Goal

We Bring together Global Marketplaces & Opportunities

The ultimate goal of Yorkshire is to be the all-in-one global enterprise investment solution. Our expertise are based on decades of experience managing organizational workouts through tough times and helping global leaders, and executives revitalize their organizations.

  • Markets
  • Investments

How to Get Started

The first step is a phone conversation with one of our top industry specialists. This enables us to learn more about the challenges your organization is facing. The call also allows you to learn more about us and how we can create a custom solution, and partnership opportunities for your organization.

Please complete the form to schedule the initial call.

Latest business news, in-depth analysis, trends & reviews from around the globe.

Financial Independence Has To Do With More Than The Money You Save

Financial Independence Has To Do With More Than The Money You Save

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 16: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks onstage at the Fourth Annual ... [+] Berggruen Prize Gala celebrating 2019 Laureate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In New York City on December 16, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Berggruen...

TikTok hearing set for Sunday, hours ahead of ban deadline

TikTok hearing set for Sunday, hours ahead of ban deadline

With deadlines looming, the U.S. is fighting to impose President Trump’s ban on the viral video-sharing app TikTok.A federal judge in Washington scheduled a Sunday morning hearing on TikTok’s request to halt the ban, hours before it’s set to go into effect. The U.S. on Friday filed a sealed motion...

HSBC shares rebound after China’s Ping An increases its stake

HSBC shares rebound after China’s Ping An increases its stake

HSBC’s Hong Kong-listed stock rose as much as 11 per cent on Monday after its largest shareholder, China’s Ping An Asset Management, increased its stake despite rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. Ping An revealed in an exchange filing late on Friday that it had raised its holding in HSBC...

U.S. housing boom threatened by short supply of homes to buy

U.S. housing boom threatened by short supply of homes to buy

The U.S. housing market, which has been a bright spot in the pandemic-battered economy, is running out of fuel.With buyers eager to take advantage of low mortgage rates, the inventory of homes to buy is scarce. That’s driving up prices and threatening to derail the boom by pushing homeownership out...

Law & Justice loses touch with Poland’s moderate Catholics

Law & Justice loses touch with Poland’s moderate Catholics

Polish president Andrzej Duda visited Pope Francis in the Vatican on Friday, in a meeting between two men seen by many in Poland as embodying very different visions for the future of the Catholic Church.Mr Duda, a conservative regarded by his supporters as a guardian of traditional Catholic values, drew...

Working Together

We are a company that offers customized corporate solutions, and proceed to consult for our partners from initial sketches to the construction of the final investment. One of the many reasons why Yorkshire Holdings has been home to 35 global brands.

Global Expansion Services

Global Expansion Services Foreign Investment Opportunities & Strategies At Yorkshire, we implement international investing strategies involving the selection of premium global investment instruments – stocks, bonds, real estate, and infrastructure – as part of our economy-based investment portfolio. Our partners greatly invest internationally to broaden portfolio diversification and spread investment risk among foreign markets and […]

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Enterprise Turnaround Solutions

Enterprise Turnaround Solutions We at Yorkshire believe that any business can be turned around when professional practices are implemented and operations are discarded from emotional biases. Whether enterprise distress is growing or growth is becoming unsustainable, an alliance with Yorkshire Holdings can deliver a full spectrum of benefits; from the implementation of strategic business practices to […]

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Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy At Yorkshire, we provide project management and consultancy services to our partners both locally in the US and internationally. Whether its contract-based projects to be implemented or in-house/outsourced project management collaborations, we assist our partners in every stage. We offer wide range of project management & consultancy services Project Planning Even for seasoned and experienced teams, […]

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Global Publishing & Public Relations

Global Publishing & Public Relations Global Publishing and Public Relations is one of the largest and the fastest growing units of Yorkshire Holdings. We publish market-leading digital magazines and newspapers for global marketing, technology, media, healthcare, motor-sports enthusiasts and executives. With an average annual increase of 30%-50% subscriber base, we also assist in managing and marketing global […]

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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management At Yorkshire, we offer consulting services in Enterprise Asset Management helping our partners track the financial, contractual and inventory details of core corporate and virtual infrastructure as well as non-IT assets. We empower our partners to digitally manage their global assets and asset management activities – from tracking, resource scheduling, maintenance, repair, […]

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Real Estate Investment & Development

Real Estate Investment & Development At Yorkshire, we heavily invest in global real estate, specializing in the acquisition and development of residential, commercial, healthcare and retail properties.  We own and manage an extensive portfolio of global real estate, from multi-building high-rise condominium development, medical office buildings to complete gated communities.  Our global residential and commercial […]

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Foreign Aid Assistance & Management

Foreign Aid Assistance & Management At Yorkshire, we’ve been working with some of the top global organizations in managing foreign aid assistance in developing countries. From the water crisis, low-cost housing, infrastructure to environmental reforms, we’ve adopted a direct approach towards solving the issues, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible and took decades in the […]

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Meet Our Leadership Team…

Raza H. Qadri (ALI) Founder Yorkshire Global Holdings

Raza H. Qadri (ALI)

Founder, Chairman & CIO

At Yorkshire, we strive for excellence and perfection while bringing the same work ethics to our partners, affiliates and clients.


Hannah S. Malek

Chief Executive Officer

We help our partners seize global opportunities, reduce risks and costs while increasing trust across their networks.

Josh Danvers

Josh M. Danvers

Chief Financial Officer

Since day one, our first priority is to master every client’s goals with honesty, passion and integrity.

Karen Feldman

Karen Freidman

Chief Operating Officer

Our affiliates, partners and clients are at the core of everything we do.


Having partnered with various businesses, brands, and companies over the years, Yorkshire is a company possessing a rich and diverse network of partners and affiliates in our various industries of focus. Our partners range from private-owned and operated organizations and businesses to government-owned and operated ones.

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Gold Properties and Gold Group of Companies - A Yorkshire Holdings Partner Company
A Yorkshire Holdings Partner Company
Realtor, an artificial intelligence based real estate platform - A Yorkshire Holdings Company
The Yorkshire Analysis NEWS - A Yorkshire Holdings Company
A Yorkshire Holdings Partner Company
British Motor Company and Industries - A Yorkshire Holdings Company
Think Legal Global - A Yorkshire Holdings Partner Company

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